Saving Grace Oil K9 30ml

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Use our K9 product to alleviate your furry friend’s physiological or psychological ailments and provide balance. Add our CBD oil directly onto your dog’s food or treat.

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  • Limping
  • Joint Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Eases Effects Of Aging


  • Seizures
  • Social Anxiety
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Travel Stress
  • Restless Nights
  • End Of Life Care

Dose (2x a day)

  • Up to 25LBS .25-.5ML
  • 25-75LBS .5-1ML
  • Over 75LBS 1-2ML
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6 reviews for Saving Grace Oil K9 30ml

  1. kriss slate (verified owner)

    haven’t seen any change in behavior of my dog

    UPDATE 5.12.18:
    Thank you. It’s better now and definitely helps to calm him down when we’re at my job. I bring him to work with me daily and will soon order again

  2. puppylove (verified owner)

    We have a young dog with anxiety and an old dog with joint issues. This is great help for both of them. They require different doses for their individual needs. We just give it orally instead of in their food so that we can control the dose. They are more than willing to take their drops and get a treat. Keeps the young dog from tearing up our couches and keeps our old dog playing and roughhousing.

  3. Violet’s Mama (verified owner)

    Started using this for our fox terrier who has end stage congestive heart failure, oral cancer, and liver cancer. She doesn’t seem to mind getting the drops and is continuing to eat. A wonderful addition to our hospice care – it would have been helpful to get dosage recommendations.

  4. Patti Rokosz (verified owner)

    My Boston takes this every night. It calms him. He has Cushings Disease and a brain tumor.

  5. Fannie (verified owner)

    This product is just AMAZING! It’s literary saved my cat’s life, who was diagnosed with kidneys malfunctions and breast cancer in last March. Doctors gave her no more than 3-4 weeks life. I decided to try with herbs + Saving Grace Hemp oil. The result is unbelievable! My cat cat was ready to die. She refused to eat, to drink….it was a metter of time….
    After the third dose of the oil she just came back for a new life ! I’m using it already 2 months and I finished the first bottle of 30 ml. Few days ago I ordered another one. So happy that I found it! The delivery was really fast. Thank you so much ! And something very important : believe it or not it’s visible how the tumor is getting smaller after the second month of therapy. It will be a long process but I have a hope that we can win this battle.
    100 % recommendations !

  6. Jessie (verified owner)

    I tried this oil at the recommendation of my dog trainer. I have a fearful and territorial dog and I use this when he is confronting new situations to help him relax enough to follow my instruction. This certainly does not replace the necessary training, but it does offer a helpful aid. I now use it situationally–if I expect house guests, have people working on the house, am about to take a long ride, etc.
    I have tried other edibles but didn’t find those to have the same reliable impact that this does. That said, each dog’s chemistry is different.
    A tip for application: my dog isn’t very food motivated and I could not rely on him to eat his kibble. He also hated when I added it to his mouth (it smells quite strongly). I put the dose on top of a dog biscuit, let it soak in, and he eats it reliably.
    I am ordering my second bottle and plan to keep it on hand!

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